Firearm Training

Teaching the knowledge, skill and attitude necessary for safe, responsible and lawful firearm ownership.

About Us

Firearm Courses will resume later this summer.

Governor Baker's reopening executive order dated May 18th, allows ranges to reopen and firearm training classes to resume effective immediately, subject to strict workplace safety measures, hygiene protocols, disinfecting requirements, and other operational protocols. The venues that we regularly utilize for training were notified of these requirements on May 18th, and need to take steps to assure they meet these minimum requirements, not the least of which is sourcing materials that are scarce due to demand. We will update this website and our course schedule at the appropriate time, but think it could be sometime in July. In the meantime, the State is allowing virtual online courses until midnight on May 23rd. If you would like us to refer you to an online course before the deadline, use the contact form on this website. Thank you, and stay well. 


Firearm Training Credentials

 McDermott & Company, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Robert J. McDermott, an NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Training Counselor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Massachusetts Certified Basic Firearm Safety Course Instructor, Utah BCI Certified Instructor and Massachusetts Hunter Education Volunteer Instructor.

We own the Massachusetts Pistol License Course, the Multi-License Firearm Course, and co-own the Massachusetts Concealed Carry I course with our friends at Boston Firearms, and we license a limited number of other Instructors to use these courses.

Beretta O/U shotgun

Instructor Team

Together with our team of highly skilled associate Instructors, we offer regularly scheduled group firearm courses for persons interested in both recreational shooting and lawful self defense. Our team approach provides more individual attention for students who benefit from the collective expertise of the Instructor team.


Experience Matters

We have trained literally thousands of individuals in New England and New York, and receive many referrals from licensing authorities and former students. Group courses are offered in western Massachusetts, the Boston area, Connecticut and eastern New York. Private courses are quoted upon request, but group courses offer the best value.


Pistol Training Class

Firearm License Courses

Our comprehensive firearm license courses can qualify you to apply for licenses in several states. Courses include firearm laws, safe gun handling practices, firearm operation and nomenclature, shooting fundamentals, care and maintenance, etc. Prior experience with firearms is not required. Think of these courses as "driver's education for firearms".

Concealed Carry Holster

Concealed Carry Training

This course is designed to be the next level after completion of a basic licensing course, for individuals who desire to carry a firearm for lawful self defense.  A few Massachusetts Police Chiefs require completion of such courses to qualify for unrestricted "carry" licenses.

Range Safety Officer

NRA Instructor and RSO Courses

Instructor development workshops are available in several disciplines to train experienced firearm owners to become NRA Certified Instructors. Prequalification requirements apply. 

NRA Range Safety Officer courses are offered for individuals and shooting clubs in New England and New York. RSO's supervise shooting activities to promote safety and compliance with shooting facility SOP's.